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Chess Titans Download for Windows

The most recent and updated version of Chess Titans for download

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If you are just me I once when, looking for a good chess titans download, which just works right out of the box then you have definitely come to the right place my friend. With only a few clicks of a button, you will be able to play chess titans right away on windows 8, 7, vista, xp, and even all the older versions as well if that is what floats your boat. This game is indeed lots of fun and it can even prove to be rather addictive as you easily become glued to the screen while you are in the middle of a game. You can either play against a friend sitting right beside you, a friend who is thousands of miles away, or the computer’s artificial intelligence, which difficulty can be adjusted according to your own skill. The ability to adjust the difficulty of the AI allows everyone to enjoy this game while also improving one’s skills.

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The game was originally developed by Oberon Games, and at first it was simply named Chess, but later it adopted the much more unique name which it has now. Basically it is a virtual version of the very popular and old board game chess. It was created to give players a more modern way to enjoy a game of chess, and also to give players the opportunity to play against an artificial intelligence whenever they had no human opponent. It really makes sense to give the opportunity to enjoy this game without another player, because playing against such a player can be very time consuming compared to the AI which makes moves almost instantly. Also you can be sure that the computer is not going to complain, because you spend 15 minutes before deciding how to move next, unlike your impatient little cousin or friend. Most people play this game with a mouse and a keyboard, but it can just as well be played with any popular gamepad which can be connected to a windows computer (such as a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 controller), as well as the remote control used for Windows Media Center.

Before playing against the computer, the player has to choose what level of difficulty the computer should use. It is a skill scaling from 1 to 10, where there are 3 grouped levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. These groups should make it obvious to anyone who to choose accordingly to their own skill. The computer regulates its skill internally by using a mathematics based control system, where chance defines how many mistakes it is supposed to make throughout a full game of chess.

Every time the computer makes a move in this chess titans download, its last move is highlighted so you do not forget what it has just done. Also whenever you click a chess piece which you wish to move, all its valid moves are highlighted on the virtual board. This feature definitely makes it very friendly to beginners who does not know the rules, or anyone who is not entirely certain of the rules. However if you do not appreciate this feature and would rather see it removed, you can simply untick this option in the settings menu. Also when you are playing against a friend on the same computer, this chess titans download has a rather cool feature as it turns the board 180 degrees after each players turn. This allows both players to experience the game as it would be in a physical chess game, however this feature can also be disabled in the settings menu if you wish to do so.